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亚愽手机下载app-媒评恒大:没退路也不敢大意 二阶段广州塔值得期待
名称:亚愽手机下载app-媒评恒大:没退路也不敢大意 二阶段广州塔值得期待

   Source of manuscript: Football News




   The first stage of the Chinese Super League was over. After the Heng Daquan team returned to Guangzhou, they immediately entered the holiday rest state. It is rare to have a short one-week vacation for charging time. Even for athletes whose physical fitness is different from that of ordinary people, a combination of work and rest can have the best work efficiency. During the vacation, Cannavaro and his family will go to Sanya for vacation, and other players will spend a lot of time. Accompanying family members who have not met for a long time. "Because I have been closed for more than two months before, I must spend more time with my family when I go back, and then spend this rare holiday with them." Liao Lisheng said in an interview.

中国超级联赛的第一阶段结束了。横大全队返回广州后,他们立即进入假期休息状态。很少有一个短的一周假期来充电。即使对于身体素质与普通人不同的运动员,兼顾工作和休息也可以达到最佳工作效率。假期期间,卡纳瓦罗和他的家人将去三亚度假,而其他球员将花费很多时间。陪伴已久的家庭成员。 “由于我已经休假两个多月,回去时我必须花更多的时间陪伴家人,然后与他们一起度过难得的假期。”廖立生在接受采访时说。

On October 5th, the Heng Daquan team assembled again at the new Panyu base to prepare for the battle. Of course, except for the 6 players who were training in the national team, although Kashuai had to face the problem of personnel irregularities that had appeared many times before, but before they went to Suzhou, they It is still necessary to solve a few problems in the first stage in Guangzhou. When there is no personnel to supplement the transfer window, the only solution is to train hard.


  In the intermittent period of preparation, Evergrande was quite satisfied with the training effect. Yan Dinghao said: "Because everyone had a short break, they all put in quickly. Now the atmosphere of the team is good in all aspects, and I hope to be in the best state in the first game."


On the one hand, the team is training and preparing for the battle, on the other hand, the Evergrande logistics team is not idle. After regrouping, the club has begun to pack the luggage needed to travel to Suzhou. The team bus and staff also arrived in the competition area as early as the 10th. For the layout work, Building 5 of the Suzhou Division Hotel was prepared and completely renewed before the arrival of Hengda’s troops.


In this expedition, in addition to the usual necessary training equipment, Hengda also has a lot of entertainment equipment, including a large number of spinning bikes, table tennis tables, basketball shooting machines, and cabinet game machines. , Pool table, mahjong table, etc., these configurations hope to give players a chance to relax in the tense game.

在这次考察中,除了通常需要的训练设备外,恒大还拥有许多娱乐设备,包括大量的动感单车,乒乓球台,篮球投篮机和内阁游戏机。 ,台球桌,麻将亚愽手机下载app桌等,这些配置希望为玩家提供一个在紧张游戏中放松的机会。

   In addition, since the Suzhou station is the furthest away from Kunshan Sports Center, it takes an hour to drive. To ensure that the team travels without accidents, Evergrande will use two team buses to escort the team. Evergrande has always been a firm executor of the law of "soldiers and horses not moving, food and grass first".


   Tomorrow night, Evergrande will usher in their first China Super League championship match, against Hebei Huaxia Fortune. The knockout system has always been a hotbed of upset, and Evergrande dare not be careless.


Even if China’s captain Zhang Chengdong and offensive core Goolat were unable to play due to injuries and evasion clauses, China’s strength was impaired, but as long as it entered the championship group, Cannavaro did not see a weak team. The first stage performed very well, and the second stage entered the knockout system. In the first stage, no matter how hard you put in, what results you achieved, it is not particularly important. In addition, Hebei Huaxia Fortune has a few offensive skills. Players with unique characteristics also performed well in the first stage. We will make more preparations in this regard."


The state of the 6 players who have returned from the national football team is also a focus of attention from the outside world. Cannavaro said: "The training of the national team is definitely different from the training of the club. In my player career, there have been nearly 20 years. National team experience, so the difference between the national team and the club is still very clear. Evergrande’s international team and the team only practiced two training sessions, in the next few days of training, we will improve as soon as possible."


For international players such as Liu Dianzuo, Jiang Guangtai and Axon, Kashuai naturally does not have to worry. It is Zhang Linpeng and Wei Shihao who need to worry about the two injured players, but the training volume of this national football team is not too large, especially For Wei Shihao, who was injured for a long time before, it is estimated that Cannavaro will follow a gradual process in use.


   The rest of the players who have been plagued by injuries before, such as Mei Fang, Luo Guofu and Huang Bowen, are getting closer and closer to the comeback date. The right back left back Li Xuepeng is also in the second stage of recovery.


Injuries can’t be avoided by any team, and Evergrande’s current line-up is still considered strong and strong. The “Pagoda” combination that the attack line relies on the most during the intermittent training period was praised by Cannavaro, especially in the first stage After returning from injury, Cannavaro said that Talisca has no physical problems. It seems that in the first game of the second stage, the outside world can expect the "Canton Tower" to regain the hot feet of the past two seasons.


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